• Navy Pants or Plaid Skort
  • Grades K-3 may also wear a navy uniform jumper or crested dress 
  • Crested School Golf Shirt (Navy, White or Burgundy) 
  • Crested School Sweater, Vest or Cardigan 
  • Grey Knee Socks or Tights
  • Black Dress Shoes 
  • Navy walking shorts are optional in warmer months. Skorts are measured in the office and ordered.  


  • Navy Pants
  • Crested School Golf Shirt(Navy, White or Burgundy) 
  • Crested School Sweater or Vest
  • Black or Navy Dress Socks 
  • Black Dress Shoes 

All crested shirts and sweaters can be purchased from the school office.

Grades 5-9 must wear CCS PE shorts and shirts. These are purchased in the office.

Students must be in complete, class-ready uniform from 8:15 am to 3:00 pm.