Supplies to be purchased at the Cornerstone School Office:

Kindergarten- Gr. 4 -- $60 (a one-time fee in Sept.)

Bibles (Grs. 4-8) -- $35 (in office)

Jumpmath (Grs. 2-7) -- $20 (a one-time fee in Sept.)

Gr. 8 Science Workbook -- $20 (a one-time fee in Sept.)

Grades 5-8 purchase their own supplies.

You will find school supplies lists for Grades 5-9 attached. We work with a company called “School Start”. They provide 3 easy ways to make payment. Open the attachment for your child’s grade and follow the steps. The supplies will then be shipped right to our school. If you prefer to purchase your own supplies, you can take the list to your local Walmart or staples and shop around!

*See the attached lists.